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Attagasam 2018

Kids Cultural Event

Dec 15th 2:00 to 7:00 PM @ Pocahontas Middle School

(See programs details & rules at the bottom of this page)

  • If you are not a member already, please become a member here first.
  • For cross verification, please provide  one of  the two  phone numbers you gave during membership registration

General Rules:

  • Participation is free for RTS members. $15 for Non-RTS members 

  • Team coordinator must collect the Non-RTS Members fee

  • Event Theme: Varnajaalam / Colorful

  • Participant age should be under 18

  • A Participant can participate only in one event 

  • Only High School Students shall participate in Neeya Naana event

  • High schoolers participating in Neeya Naana can also participate in one more event

  • Registration will be closed on Sunday Mar 4th 2018

  • Last Date to send promo picture:  Sunday Mar 4rd 2018

  • Last Date to send audio files: Sunday Mar 15th 2018

  • Questions, picture and audio files should emailed to:

  • Please ensure audio volume is balanced through out the file.

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